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Hot Shapers Termal Atlet
Hot Shapers Termal Atlet
Hot Shapers Termal Atlet
Hot Shapers Termal Atlet
Hot Shapers Termal Atlet
Hot Shapers Termal Atlet

Hot Shapers Termal Atlet

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Hot Shapers Nedir

Naotex Fabric structure provides both perspiration and allows the skin to breathe. In this way, the burning of oils is accelerated. It provides 5 minutes of effect and 5 times of normal walking.

You can wear gold in your daily clothes.
Get a fit look.

He burns more than 5 solids of calories burned in the house or burns while walking.

It is a simple to use product. Available as a daily athlete.
It is a quality product made of neotex fabric.
While doing sports, sitting at home, reading a book, can be used in daily life under the dress.

Hot Shapers Kullanımı, Nasıl Kullanılır

Hot shapers atlet kullanımı, The athlete is a product that you can use in everyday life. It is a product that can help you sweat in the gym, walking, reading at home, doing housework.

Hot Shapers  Nasıl Yıkanır, Nasıl Temizlenir

Hot shapers atlet temizlemesi, After each exercise and under 30 degrees Celsius water should be washed by hand. Drying is recommended not by squeezing, but by drying. After giving the question of how to wash the hot shapers, the body information is given below.

1- Easy to use and very practical, durable and washable.
2- You can use it even when you are doing daily work in everyday life for those who cannot find time to do sports.
3- It is possible to thin up to 10 cm in 15-20 days as a result of 20 minutes usage.
4- Can be worn easily under your clothes.
5- Because it is very durable, you can use it again when you want to enter form.

Hot Shapers Bedenleri, Beden Tablosu

Size: 25-28 size
M Size: 29-32
L Size: 33-36 between the body
XL- Size: 37-44.

Hot Shapers Renkleri

Hot shapers atlet The colors are single color and are produced only in black color.

Hot Shapers Modelleri

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