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Pix - smart customizable backpack
Pix - smart customizable backpack
Pix - smart customizable backpack
Pix - smart customizable backpack

Pix - smart customizable backpack

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Use widgets to make Pix your everyday assistant. Display the time, weather, your mobile notifications and much more through PIX’s widgets.

Display things you’re passionate about on your backpack: favorite characters, sport team logos, music bands or just have fun displaying funny pictures or eye-catchy pixel art. 

You can also play ‘old school’ 8-bit games like Tetris, Snake, Arkanoid, and much more right on your Pix backpack!  

Use your Pix Backpack as a bright and eye-catchy indicator in the darkness.

Didn't find your favorite art in our app library? Create your own images and animations right in the free companion app and upload them to your Pix backpack.

Control your PIX backpack’s appearance with the touch of your fingertips using the PIX app on your mobile device.  

Open API will allow users to create and upload their own designs/widgets/games.

Pix has an incredibly durable design that is water and shock resistant, so it will remain unharmed if you accidentally drop or hit it. 

The Pix Cycling Remote is an additional device we developed which is connected with Pix Backpack via Bluetooth. Working in tandem with the Pix Cycling Remote, the backpack can be used to indicate left and right ahead of making turns when cycling. The stop signal will automatically show up if you're slowing down. Choose “cycling widget” in the app and pair remote with your PIX. 

Simply add a Power Bank to your pledge and we'll deliver it to you with PIX backpack.